The stages of the evolution of human thought

The stages of the evolution of human thought
General culture and the strengthening of human memory · MIÉRCOLES, 11 DE OCTUBRE DE 2017
Summary of the journey of human evolution intellectually
A summary of the journey of human

evolution intellectually

E of the achievements of human thought through its long history.
Achievements of human thought through its long history


an introduction:


Now, now; now we are human beings. The time has come when we need to know ourselves, to meditate on human conditions in general, to study their heritage and culture, and to understand the different social systems that shape their behavior and behavior and define their relationships with other people.

Human progress has made tremendous progress in all fields of science, and the human mind has succeeded in revealing many of the mysteries of the universe and debasing many of its mysteries, while many aspects of human life have remained closed and we know little about them; We know nothing about it at all, despite the growing interest in recent studies of human society in many parts of the world, in particular the study of small tribal communities in remote regions, to know their systems, cultures, traditions and even history where possible.

This is why we will try very briefly to identify the stages of human development intellectually through his journey with his history. The human mind is like a sleeping giant.

The appearance of man on Earth is a mysterious period of great controversy among scholars. And has passed since the human existence on the surface of the Earth several historical periods, including the total:

Prehistoric times, and the ages of history, separated by discovery, invention or knowledge of writing in 3500 BC. , As prehistoric times consist of the old stone age, the era in which man used carved stones, and has extended this age to know or learn agriculture. The Neolithic Age is the era in which polished stones were used and even the discovery and human learning of writing.

The major stages of history are four times:

The first ancient era begins from 3500 BC and ends with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD.
The second was the middle age, which began from 476 AD until the discovery of America in 1492 AD.
And the third phase of the modern era, which begins from 1492 AD until the French Revolution in 1789 AD.
Then the fourth stage, the contemporary era, which began from 1789 AD until now.


The history of human thought is a monumental memory that preserves a long history of human and cosmic experience. The history of man in general represents a total structure in which the psychological and cognitive consequences of humanity’s experiences in the universe, and even the experience of life in the universe.

The human issues, psychology, personality, needs, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, desires, Man is forced to think and invent and discover. Until man changed his view of the world around him. Or his method of thinking and scientific and literary theories and the overall ideas that changed the practical reality, as well as his behavior and behavior and the overall actions in dealing with the reality of the world and try to understand and reflect on and develop. In order to overcome the obstacles of nature, but to understand and adapt them to his advantage.

The experiences of man through the ages are a solid fact that we can not repudiate because they remain in our collective memory and in the memory of the great universe. Man created the ideas that were the turning points that affected the change in the form of life and ways of living in it and its impact on new ideas, customs and customs. It was a natural result of the advanced knowledge that resulted in the development of science, arts and literature reflecting this new and decisive development in different degrees on the reality of life and ways of living. And a comprehensive view of the world and an attempt to change it in favor of man. In order to control nature to achieve the material abundance and the strong happiness of the great majority, and this has been since the beginning of the human race effective control of nature and review some of the most important in the following:
And signs of human thinking: And signs of human thinking
The emergence of the first psychological potential developed in the first person was the real reason for its uniqueness and excellence. Where there are factors in nature parallel to the physical world and penetrating it are the worlds that can be called the worlds of mind and soul.

Before we recognize the mental and mental energy of man and the beginnings of human thought, we must recognize the centers of thought in man. The mind is the moral word of the physical mind, and the mind does its work. , Which determines the character of the person that distinguishes him from others. The brain is the main command center in which information is gathered from the outside world by members connected to the external environment and then the various interactions are carried out to make the necessary decisions.

Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve a process (which may be logical, mathematical, philosophical, or in any field). Intelligence is also the ability to respond correctly to the realities of life in general and in society in particular.

Human memory is the ability to selectively represent. Human memory as an information processing system includes stages (coding phase associated with retention and storage stage education, memory memory is the phase of recall or recall).


Human thought in general is the result of those accumulations and experiences experienced by various nations and through the contributions and creations of intellectuals in different times and places. In man, the ability to raise the problem of knowledge and feeling is embodied, and the concept of freedom and discrimination is also crystallized. In ancient times, man thought about the axis of the universe, the essence of the universe, and its locationsweet


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